The Chartiers Valley String Program offers students the opportunity to learn to play the violin, viola, cello or double bass.


Students who are in the third grade or older may participate.

Instruments are rented from the music store of your choice.


Students attend a 40 minute lesson, once in a 6 day rotation.  Lessons will be scheduled during MTSS or recess.

Beginner students are expected to practice at least  15 minutes each day

We all have those days when practice time may be missed.  Be sure you do not go 2 days in a row without practicing!

Parents and Guardians are crucial to a child's success with music studies. 

They must support their child with developing good practice habits and lesson attendance.

Throughout the year, contact me with any concerns regarding your child's progress or instrument care!


While participating in this program, your child will be given the opportunity to: 

  • Perform with excellent technique and beautiful tone.

  • Read music.


  • Develop a repertoire of folk, fiddle and classical music.

  • Value and appreciate music in his or her life.  


  • Build new friendships.  


  • Develop self-esteem and confidence through successful performance.