Follow these steps to register your child in the CVIS Orchestra Program.

1.  Click here for a CVIS Strings Registration Form.


2. Choose a music vendor to rent your instrument and purchase necessary items

  • Do not purchase an instrument without consulting Mrs. Kandrack!  Beware of VSOs! (Violin Shaped Objects!)

  • You will need to know your child's instrument size.  Use this sizing chart to learn your child's instrument size.  If your child is in between sizes, choose the smaller size!  An instrument that is too large will cause fatigue and performance difficulties.   If you are uncertain about which size to order, please contact me.  I will be happy to meet with your child and measure them for the appropriate size.  Thank you to Volkwein's Music for providing this sizing chart.

  •  Click here to view a comparison chart of local vendors. 


  • You may go to each vendor's website to review their rental programs. 

  • Vendors deliver instruments to CVIS. 

  • Be sure to order necessary items.  Click here to view items.

Resonance Violins  The Resonance rental form has a "Date Needed By".   Please write in "September 24."

Volkwein's Music