Students may choose to play the violin, viola, cello or bass.


All of these instruments:

  • Have four strings

  • Use a bow to produce the sound.

  • You may also pluck the string to produce the sound. 

  • Require daily practice!

  • Produce beautiful music!  

Unmute the video to hear the young musicians play their instruments.

    Prajith plays the violin. The violin is the highest pitched instrument in the string family.  In an orchestra, the violin frequently plays the melody.

Alex plays the viola.  The pitch of the viola is in the middle range.  In an orchestra, the viola most frequently plays harmony, adding balance and beauty to the ensemble.

Isaiah plays the cello.  The cello is low pitched.  Commonly, the cello plays harmony in the orchestra.  It adds much richness to the sound of the orchestra.

Mia plays the double bass.  It is very low pitched!  The double bass is the foundation of the orchestra.